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This section is composed entirely of contributions from real people who enjoy the DWC lifstyle. There is absolutely no fiction of any kind in here and all entries are included with the permission of the writers. Names and locations are changed for privacy.

Copyright 2003 The Disciplinary Wives Club, All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Hear what these real people have to say.
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Dear Aunt Kay,
Hi. Well, I must say that I truly believe that if there were no women on this planet (God forbid!), the whole place would implode!
Shirley taught me another valuable lesson this past weekend. As you are aware, it's that time of year again... Football season. I don't know why, but I love the game, probably a tad too much!
Anyway, I sometimes feel lucky and of course get foolish and place a wager on a game. Last night was one of those times. I let it ride all on one game. It was one of those 'please let me win and I'll quit forever' bets. I did win. However, I did not tell my girlfriend at first. But when I did tell her, she smiled and said that she knew all along! I asked her how in the world could she have known that and she replied saying, "I just have a way of knowing when my bad little boy is up to no good!".

Then I then knew I was in trouble. She said that we had already had the talk about gambling so she was quite upset. But, since I did tell her before she had to confront me about it, the spanking would be just a little less severe. She then took me over her knee and I got it good with her hand followed by that awful hairbrush!!! She then made me promise that the winnings would be used to pay off the last of my credit card and any remaining will go to my parents for letting me live with them right now.

I told her that was a good idea. After all, they've put up with a lot for 29 years! I don't think I'll be gambling anymore. It's just not worth it, even if I win.

Since I've been with her, I've curved my alcohol consumption, cut way back on smoking, and as of last night, I'm done gambling. She has worked wonders for me! And my parents still don't know how! They just marvel at what an effect she has on me. I know they're ready for me to settle down!





I was just thinking about my most memorable experience and would like to share it with you. My wife had teasingly suggested that since she earned nearly twice as much income as myself (she is a highly paid administrative assistant for a well known Chicago Loop Firm--I am unemployed and working two part-time jobs), that she be the "disciplinarian" in our household. That was back some 11 years ago when we were first married.

Today, she is saying this in "ernest"--expressing dissatisfaction with a number of my behaviors. I love her dearly, and was mixed with both fear and desire as she called me to task, and led me into our den where she sat in the middle of the sofa. Her instruction were explicit: "...go upstairs to the bathroom and get my hairbrush...when you return you will finally get what you really have deserved for some time..."

Nervously but with some anticipation, I returned, where she ordered me to stand in front of her. She unbuckled my belt, pulled down my trousers to slightly below my knees, and lowered my brief to the same point. Neither of us said a word, although my heart was racing and my breathing was harder than normal. Then she spoke: "...bend over my knees..." (It was hot last week, and she was wearing her white shorts--revealing nearly all of her creamy white thighs, knees, and legs...this is what first attracted me to her 12 years ago--and she still had it!).

Fantasy quickly changed to reality however as the hairbrush was brought down with a force I never thought she was capable of. Boy did it ever hurt. I was crying like a baby and promising to change, promising to obey, promising to "do *whatever* she asked, if only she would stop. Finally, she did stop. The "air was cleared" as I begin to realize.

She grabbed my nearly completely naked body (I lost my pants and briefs in all the kicking and motion) in her arms and began to kiss my tear-stained face with a passion I had not experienced in months.

She mentions a behavior of mine, now, that needs correction, and generally after one or two sessions there are signs of real improvement.




Hi Aunt Kay,

Since my wife started spanking me, our marriage has gotten better -- we don't argue or fight any more. When we have a disagreement, it's pants down and over her knee for an attitude adjustment and a very sore backside.

My most memorable spanking took place 18 months ago. We had already started in the DWC life style but all my spankings were on the weekend and in the evening.

One Tuesday morning I went golfing with a friend at 7 am, with instructions to be home by noon. The golf game was going so good that we went a few more holes not worrying about my instructions (thinking that I would pay for it on the weekend but I had four days for her to get over it). Well, was I wrong!

When I finally got home at 2:30, she was not happy and her words were very clear, "Get to the bed room now. Pants off. On the bed and don't even think of getting up or moving."

I was on the bed in record time, pants off waiting. I must have waited for 30 minutes when I heard her enter the room. The next thing I heard and felt was the leather strap on my bare ass over and over again. She strapped me as hard as she could till I was crying like a baby and pleading with her to stop. When she finally stopped, my backside was crisscrossed with welts and glowing.

She than made me stand in the corner were she told me that she loved me so much that she was going to spank me every afternoon for the rest of the week. I have a lot more respect for her time and our life together has never been better.




Hello Aunt Kay,

It has been some time since I had my ad on your site and have communicated to you via email. I have finally found the Lady of my life and am very happy to have done so. She is really nteresting, well educated and a scientist.

She is loving and also quite strict with me at times. I do have a tendency to have a wise mouth at times and she has managed to correct this condition with a cane she bought. It is 28-inch rattan cane, which she uses when she feels that I need to be corrected more severely. I tried to talk her out of buying it, as I gave her a very nice but gentler flogger, but was unable to do so and have felt the results of the cane. The cane is a very painful tool in her hands and I really do not care to be caned even when I know that I deserve it. I like this arrangement, as there are no disagreements, which are not resolved, as she has the right to have the final say and I have agreed that is the way it should be.

Our relationship is one of complete intimacy due to the dominance/submissive relationship we ave and I love it very much. I am actually a much nicer and more thoughtful man since she has complete control of almost everything, which I do. Our relationship is probably a little heavier than those of your acquaintance, but it is to me just as it should be and I would not wish it to be any other way.

It has taken me some time to have this relationship, which I very much love. I hope other men do not give up on the hope of finding a lady who they wish to control them and spank them and maybe even whip them. It is not easy but I believe if they are sincere, honest, and truly want a lady to be in charge of them, it is possible.

About my search: I met with probably ten ladies. It is not easy, but if the passion is there to find the right lady, it can be done. I traveled to CO, KS, CA, and Canada before I was successful. I also believe one must be honest, not be crude, but still say what one is seeking.

I know there is supposed to be about 100 submissive men to each dominant lady, but I have found from talking with dominant ladies there are few really sincere quality submissive men. I also believe that there are many ladies who would like this type of relationship if given the proper introduction by a submissive man.

What I also did at some point, in writing to a lady, was have her go to your site to read what was written there. In this way, she reads about what others have written about this type of relationship and can come to her own conclusions about the lifestyle.

Thanks for all your help,



I was still quite young when I first became interested in seeing a male bottom being smacked, or beaten, or being made red in whatever way. Before it had just been an occasional childhood experience, but after this time I discovered a curiosity in myself to see a reddened bottom whenever I could.

We had a little spanking in our house when we were kids, but my mother's sister was far more of a disciplinarian than my mother. A disciplinarian of boys that is!

My aunt had four children: two boys, Johnny and David who were 8 or 9, my cousin Lisa who was about my age (11 or 12) and who was the boys' elder sister, and Cara, the youngest. My aunt was firm around the house and punished as necessary, but she took the view that spanking was for the "rough" boys only. The worst the girls could get was a smacked hand (admittedly often with a wooden ruler or something similar) and be sent to their rooms or grounded generally.

She had need to smack the boys fairly often though and I had sometimes witnessed this when my sister, Zoe, and I were staying with my cousins, especially probably because when we were staying the boys would be prone to show off and get rowdy in all sorts of ways.

This had gone on all my life, I suppose, but one time particularly made an impression on me, which I have never forgotten.

The boys had been messing around all morning and annoying Lisa and me; racing into Lisa's room where we were doing things, pushing our stuff around, wanting us to chase them into the garden, then trying to lift up our skirts from behind to embarrass us, etc., etc. Just nonstop boys' nuisance really.

But my aunt was not in a good mood that day and finally became exceedingly fed up with all the noise. She shouted at Jimmy and David (for about the fifth time) to stop being so badly behaved and told them to wait for her down in my uncles ‘office'!

I remember that this caused a sudden change of demeanor in the boys who must have realized what they had let themselves in for.

To cut a long story short, several minutes later Lisa and I were peeping into the sitting room through the open door watching my aunt put Johnny over her lap and spank him very enthusiastically with the back of one of her wooden hairbrushes. His shorts and underpants were round his ankles and he was yelling things like, "Please Mum, no! Not more! Please Mum! I'm sorry Mum!"

What fascinated me that time was that the hairbrush was marking his bottom vividly with fierce red marks and even bruises, and was making loud thwacking noises each time my aunt brought it down onto one of Johnny's buttocks. The thwack was so loud it even drowned out his pleas.

Things were starting to happen to my body at that time and I was surprised to notice that the scene was giving me a discrete, but distinct, heated feeling in my young, but maturing, private parts. It was caused I think by a mixture of watching my cousins bottom going red and seeing how a so-called rough and tough boy could be tamed and reduced to a pleading, newly obedient
child again - by the application of some female firmness and strength of will by my beloved aunt. This was a lesson that has stayed with me ever since.

I can remember feeling embarrassed and confused by the feeling, especially when my aunt allowed Johnny to slowly raise himself up off her knees. When he stood up I could see his little privates clearly, all fresh and pink while his bottom was so red. They looked very sweet. I had never remembered giving a boys privates much attention before. I mean I didn't fancy them or anything, he was much too young and so was I; but I was interested to see how they looked. I even felt a bit sorry for him as his mother told him to go and stand in the corner and he shuffled off with this pants and shorts still around his ankles. And then she started on David!

The thrill of that day never left me and I had the opportunity several more times to see my cousins spanked with their pants down. Lisa and I were both very glad that my aunt took such a sensible view regarding girls' punishments.


Time has moved on and one reason I'm writing today is to share with you that my husband falls in with my interests and even enjoys getting a good spanking or beating even every now and then; well, whenever necessary!

We find that it fits well within out relationship, which is very happy and loving. I get to maintain my interest in seeing a boys bottom redden; and its much more fun doing it yourself, let me tell you. What's more he is usually incredibly turned on by it -- and so am I, so that's good!

We have two sorts of "spanking" actually, a ‘good' spanking and a ‘bad' spanking. I choose which.

A ‘good' spanking is when he feels that he wants me to spank him, and this can be with my hand or with a variety of implements, including several canes we've bought, a riding crop (very severe) and of course the traditional hairbrush. This usually leads to great lovemaking when we've finished. And he was normally feeling sexy when we started. And indeed so would I often

But, a ‘bad' spanking is a little different. In this case, I choose when to spank him, and why. So its not just when he's in the right mood. We couldn't do this I think unless he consented to the general idea, which he does. And if he didn't, I might decide of course to cut down or even end
his ‘good' spankings!

So, a ‘bad' spanking is a way we have of giving me a certain amount of private influence on his behaviour. I do it to him when I feel that Hess let me down on some way or even let himself down. It could be for a little thing or for a big thing, it depends how I feel.

Like, if he has been moody or lazy for a while, I sometimes say to him something like, "Darling, I think you are due for a spanking, on my terms…" He used to resist this quite a lot, but over a time he's realized that it is good for our relationship if he stops trying to be in charge all the time
and lets the fairer sex exert a little gentle (or quite harsh actually) discipline!

The funny thing is that when I've finished he is often transformed into good (and often sexy) form from his previous mood or torpor. Maybe a hot red bottom is equivalent to a spicy curry or vigorous exercise? He knows that I do it because I love him, and just like with a naughty child he knows that it is good for him really!

I also do it to him to if he's annoyed or disappointed me about something, particularly if it was avoidable; and if I don't think he's been thoughtful enough about my needs. I mean, I DO expect him to help with the dishwashing and other things around the house relatively often!

Very occasionally he has absolutely refused to accede to my request to be spanked, and this just means that when I finally do it to him I make him feel it and I choose a time when I feel he would rather not be disciplined. One evening I gave him a really hard ‘bad' thrashing with our riding crop (which leaves great marks!) just before we had to go out to an elegant dinner. He was twitching all evening, partly because his bottom hurt and partly because he was feeling sexy for me, but couldn't do anything about it.

Whichever sort of spanking it is, I make sure that it's never hurried. If it's a ‘good' spanking it helps us both savour the moment more and if it's a ‘bad' (or "punishment"(!)) spanking, it allows him time to feel the power which his wife is exercising over him, and to feel the feeling of submitting, consenting, to discipline from his lady; to appreciate that the female sex can control the male; in her way.

I like too to have him stand "in the corner" or against a wall for a while after a ‘bad' spanking; with his pants either off or round his ankles of course. I did learn some things from my aunt! It's fun for me because I get to see his marked bottom. And he gets to feel humble and "in his place" for a while.

I enjoy (and my husband enjoys) reading about the experiences of others within the privacy of their own relationships. I never realized until recently how many women felt like me, or indeed how many men appreciate the warmth of the female hand (or worse) on their bare behind. A big part of it I think is that, while being chastised, part of the man returns to the love, safety and security of childhood, but this time with his sexy, loving wife keeping him on a sensible path.



January 2003

Hi Aunt Kay

A couple of years or so ago, you very kindly provided me with some good advice that got me properly started as a DW. Things have gone well since then.

Charles has made a dozen or more trips OTK. I reckon and his performance and attitude are both much improved. Life is good but of course nothing lasts forever and every couple of months or so he transgresses sufficiently to earn himself another hot bottom. Needless to say, I am always happy to provide it.

There is a problem looming however and I wondered if you might be able to advise, or have any experience of, handling similar situations. I am in the Reserves and will probably (almost certainly) be called up soon. I don't know how long it would be for but the best guess is anything from six months to a year. Obviously the likelihood of home leave during that time is remote.

I am certain that this is too long to leave him on his own without any supervision or discipline. Men can too easily get into some bad habits and mischief if they are left on their own for too long. I thought about giving him a good spanking session before I go as a 'behave yourself - or else' warning but, to be honest, that didn't seem very fair although I realize that a bit of discipline is never wasted.

Nor am I very happy to leave it as an open-ended 'Just you wait until I get home, my lad' situation. Being away for so long, I don't want to have a disciplinary backlog to deal with at a time when we might have other things to take care of! Likewise, I am not keen on the thought that his discipline has to be abandoned for the duration with the possibility of all the good work and progress I have made being undone.

I wouldn't object to a third party being involved but there isn't a wide choice. I don't know any other DWs or 'professionals' and would be quite reluctant to involve anyone we didn't know well. I have confided our lifestyle to only two other people, my Mom and a married girlfriend; both of whom I trust and think would be willing and capable of doing a good job if needed. They both live nearby and would be able to keep a close eye on things.

I haven't discussed it with Charles yet as I want to get some definite thoughts into my head before broaching the subject to him. At the moment he is under the impression that he will have some sort of 'free pass' while I am away. That is a notion I want to dispel very soon.

That then is the situation. Can you give me any advice/thoughts? I appreciate that I am asking a lot as mine is probably a very unusual problem. But then the circumstances aren't exactly 'everyday' either. When I am away I will be much happier knowing that disciplinary business in my household is still alive and well and being attended to in a manner I would approve of.

Best wishes



Hi Aunt Kay,

Thanks very much for your reply to my request. There was some good stuff in there that I will be able to use. I still haven't heard anything officially about going but from what I have been able to glean unofficially, it seems that all those needed will be contacted within the next few days.

> If you lived closer to me, I'd say to send him to his Aunt Kay's for review every
couple of weeks! :)<

Believe me, if I could I would. That would be the most marvelous solution of all. I would be able to sleep peacefully knowing that any backsliding would be suitably rewarded.

>Perhaps use a 'stand in' when you are away <

I am tending towards going down this route. I spoke to my Mom after reading your message and told her what I had in mind. She would be pleased to help out and even threw in a few practical suggestions. For instance, she will be able to check daily on the chores I have him do and any omissions or slackness can be added to his list of demerits. She also suggested that the number of demerits he is allowed to accrue before he 'faces the dancing stick' be kept secret so that there is no inclination for him to backslide until he thinks he is getting near and then pull his socks up again.

<But do have him keep a daily diary of his infractions. >

Good idea and I certainly will. Mom will be able to check on what is on his list and more importantly, anything he misses off it.

I am going to speak to Charles about the arrangements this evening. I am hopeful that any resistance will be overcome merely by his acceptance that he is most unlikely to go that length of time without deserving to be punished for something and also the fact that I have established that other DWs deal with the situation that way. He might even be relieved at the knowledge that I have organized it and that he will be punished if he transgresses while I am away.

Two other suggestions from Mom - I should promise him that he will get a spanking from me when I return for every one he gets from her and also a pre-departure demo session with her. It has been a while since he had a good spanking. Do you think the ideas above and these suggestions have any merit?

Ultimately I hope not to have to use these arrangements but if I have to go I will be happier knowing they exist than I would be otherwise. I hope I don't come over as a very cold-hearted wife at a time like this. It is just that I couldn't bear to think of after the work I have put into this being frittered away.

Once again many thanks and best wishes.


Dear Aunt Kay,

As you suggested, I had a long talk with Charles and told him my intentions. He wasn't very happy, it has to be said, but when I had explained more fully, I think he came round to the realization that it is for his own good in the long run. He did bluster a little about not needing to be supervised and being able to behave himself when alone, but by the time I had pointed out a few of the problems we have had in the recent past, he realized that his arguments didn't hold water.

I had our normal list of things that are 'no - nos' and went through it with him emphasizing those items for which he could expect summary punishment for breaking the rules and the others which would be allowed to accumulate to an arbitrary point which would be my decision in the light of his overall behavior.

Most of this was the same as when things are normal, there are those things he knows he won't get away with under any circumstances, and that still goes. If he transgresses Mom will be round to deal with it. I added some others to take care of his being on his own, mostly housework and personal habits and routines, that sort of thing. He will also keep a diary of his infractions and use it daily. I have told him that it will be in his own interests to put every single little thing into it, no matter how insignificant, because Mom will be looking at it frequently and if she thinks anything at all is missing he will be in real trouble. I haven't yet decided whether to make that an immediately punishable offence or not. What do you think?

When I was certain he knew just where he stood and had accepted it, I then told him that Mom would be coming round on Sunday and after we had gone over it all with her, I would get her to give us both a demonstration (I would only be watching - Charles would be feeling!). He argued a bit here, even though I pointed out to him that it was almost impossible that he would be so well behaved as to totally avoid punishment completely so he was merely going to experience her style slightly sooner than expected. He still wasn't very happy but when I listed all the things he had displeased me with recently and told him that any further argument would result in him going over my knee beforehand, he gave in.

By the way, when I suggested a demo in my previous message, I think you thought it was me who would be demonstrating. Sorry for the ambiguity. It was Mom who suggested the demonstration as a way of reassuring me that she still retained her spanking skills (perfected on me and my brother) and to let Charles know what he would be in for from her if he deserved it.

I told her what you said about her potential for the DWC. She was pleased but said that my Dad is too old to learn new ways now, although he has only just turned 60.

By the time she arrived I'd had Charles print off two copies of his do's and don'ts lists and the consequences and sign them. I had spoken to her before she came and so we both knew exactly how the session was to be handled. As a concession to his modesty I told him he could wear a pair of swimming trunks, quite skimpy ones (Speedos) so that, on this occasion, he wouldn't need to display his underpants or nudity.

We went through the details again and they both agreed they understood and would abide by them - Charles somewhat apprehensively.

The discussion had taken longer than expected and Mom was obviously getting a bit pushed for time and was anxious to make progress. She looked at me and asked if we could proceed with the next stage. I nodded my agreement. She delved into her handbag and, to my surprise, pulled out her own old hairbrush - I had expected her to ask to use mine. From that point, Kay, she was absolutely magnificent. I think even you would have been impressed.

"Right, young man" she said, "you are going over my knee to get a good dose of this hairbrush. So let's have you on your feet, at least to start with." When he was standing in front of her she told him that I had given her a long list of his recent faults and although he wasn't getting it specifically as punishment for them, I had kindly agreed to consider the slate as being wiped clean with the spanking he was about to get and so she was going to show him precisely how dim a view she took of young men who didn't behave themselves.

She told him to take down his trousers and bend over her knee. When he was in position she pulled up his Speedos at the back until she had completely bare cheeks to work on. She gave him a last warning about keeping his hands on the floor and not struggling or she would start all over again and the she started.

I counted about forty whacks in all. She spanked hard, fast and deliberate and the whole thing only took a minute or so. I was very impressed and I think Charles was too but most of what was coming out of his mouth was incoherent by the end. I think he had just found out what a really painful spanking feels like. It was the first time I had seen him reduced to tears by a sore bottom.

She let him up and told him to let that be a lesson to him of what he could expect if she ever had to put him over her knee again. Throughout I was really impressed by her matter-of-fact scolding and control. Her generation really has it when it comes to OTK discipline.

I decided he could do some corner time while I made a pot of tea and Mom got her breath back (she is obviously out of condition). Then she and I sat and talked about the session until she left when I released Charles from his corner and gave him a lot of really affectionate hugs and kisses. He had regained his composure by then but his bottom was like a beacon and red hot to the touch.

We have talked a couple of times since about the session and one of the consequences is that I have told him that when I get back home I will be a lot stricter with him and his punishments will be of the same level as Sunday's session - including any 'follow up' spankings I give him after Mom has dealt with him. I think I need to take a far more assertive role from now on.

He doesn't know it but I have shown Mom how to check the Internet history on our computer so I will be able to monitor his surfing habits. I have told him I don't want any misbehaving in that area, although he is allowed to read your pages. I hope you don't think that is too sneaky of me.

I know I have wittered on at great length. Apologies for that, but I am so relieved that these arrangements are in place. I don't know what will happen until I get back home but if it is of any help to you I will write and bring you up to date then. I could even have Charles report more frequently if you would like - might at least keep him out of mischief.

So once again, Kay, thank you for your help and confidence-boosting site. I certainly could not do it without both.




Hi Aunt Kay,

You may remember I wrote to you a few months ago before I was called up to go to the Gulf. You asked me to keep in touch so I thought you might be interested to hear how things went in my absence.

I was able to keep in touch with home regularly and spoke briefly with Charles often. I was also able to call my Mother a couple of times a week. That way I was able to form a fairly accurate picture of how things were 'back at the ranch'.

He behaved quite well generally, keeping himself in good order, seeing to the daily/periodic household chores and also doing a list of jobs I left for him. He did reasonably well maintaining his personal daily diary/record of infractions but had a few small omissions that came to light when Mother carried out her weekly review. This was something I had asked her to do in addition to looking in on him a couple of times every week, the thought being that she could then point out anything which he was 'sailing close to the wind' with.

I received reports of these omissions from both of them, and to be fair, the first two could be construed as a difference in interpretations of what was required. I did, though, emphasis to Charles how very much importance I placed on his diary as a means to knowing how he was getting on at home while I wasn't there to see things for myself. I tried to leave him in no doubt whatsoever that any further failure in that respect would not be considered so lightly.

I also reaffirmed the position with Mom, assuring her that his next omission would be acted upon and telling her she should continue to be vigilant and also be certain that it was an omission that should not have occurred. After that he started putting everything in the diary whether they were infractions or not, just to be on the safe side. It was inevitable, though, that a third would happen along, and it did.

As it happens I heard about it first from Mom and right away I knew that it was something he had tried to hide deliberately, having been caught out with the same thing by me quite a while before. I immediately authorized him to be punished, telling her that I would get Charles to call her after I had spoken with him and she could then make the arrangements to deal with him the following evening.

When I spoke to Charles, I could tell right away that he was 'on edge' and after we got through the usual normal things we spoke about, I asked him if he had anything else to tell me and he confessed. I listened to what he had to say and then told him that he had let both himself and me down badly and for that he would be spanked. I then told him to call Mother right away and to tell her that he was phoning on my instructions to ask her to punish him.

To cut a long story short, she arranged to deal with him the next evening and duly did so leaving one very contrite, well-spanked son-in-law to pull himself together again. I am told that the session was a lot more 'impressive' than even her 'demonstration' before I left!

As it happened, all this took place just the week prior to my returning home, and so if he had only behaved himself a little longer, he would have escaped both being punished by Mom and my own follow-up spanking which he has also now received. I used the same fast and hard method as Mom. It was very satisfying to both see and hear the results and to know it was so effective. He knows now that spankings in the future will be real punishments!

Intriguingly, from a few things Mom has said, I get the impression that, unlikely though it seems, she and my Dad are at least contemplating joining the lifestyle. I haven't yet had the chance to talk privately to her but can't wait to find out if my suspicions have any basis. Now that would be interesting!!

I must thank you again, Kay, for your help and for just 'being there'. You must be very proud indeed, knowing you are the catalyst that has enabled so many women across the world to embrace a matriarchal OTK lifestyle so emphatically. Do you ever get that 'good job well done' feeling when you think about the countless scalded bottoms, corner times, tears shed and wrongs punished you have undoubtedly generated over the years? Certainly you are fully entitled to enjoy a warm glow of satisfaction about it all.

Once again, thank you.

Very Best Regards



I have spoken to Mom about my suspicions and I was right! Here’s the story she told me:

When she first explained to Dad how she would be helping me out while I was away, he was, of course, very surprised but seemed quite positive and receptive about it all. She said that subsequently he brought the subject up from time to time and it became obvious his interest and curiosity had been aroused by it.

Apparently they talked a few times around the broader issues involved, but at no time did Dad ever express a desire, or suggest they adopt the lifestyle themselves.

This continued to the point where I had authorized Mom to punish Charles and when she told Dad that the punishment would take place the following evening and that she had been asked (by me) to make sure Charles got a good hiding, Dad was again very positive making comments like, 'It's for his own good' and, 'He only has himself to blame'.

At this point Mom decided to test the water and said to Dad that she would be just as capable of giving two naughty bottoms what they deserved. When Dad asked what she meant, she replied that, given his interest in the matter, she thought that perhaps he could benefit from a dose of what Charles was going to get. He blustered through for a few minutes so Mom didn't push it then, but the next evening, as she was getting ready to go round and deal with Charles, she tried again.

When Dad saw her putting her hairbrush into her bag, he made some comment about 'not sparing the rod'. Mom assured him that she wasn't going to and then added that she had meant what she'd said the previous evening, repeating her assertion that he might benefit from a dose of the hairbrush, and that she would be happy to oblige him once she had dealt with Charles.

Dad looked at her as if he didn't quite know what to say, and so Mom continued by telling him that she had to leave right away but that she should be back home in half an hour, so, she suggested, if Dad was interested in trying it out, he should wait for her return in their bedroom, with his trousers down.

With that, she left and went round to attend to Charles's punishment, which has already been covered elsewhere, but was everything I had asked her to ensure it would be.

On her return home, Dad wasn't in his usual place in the lounge - in front of the television, and so Mom went straight to their bedroom with her hairbrush in her hand, and there he was, waiting for her, trousers at his ankles. Crossing to the bed she sat down and beckoned for him to stand in front of her. "So you are interested in sampling my hairbrush on your bottom?" she asked and he replied that he was.

"Do you think you need a spanking?" she continued. Dad replied that he only wanted to see for himself what it was like - to experience it.

"You might not see much but you'll certainly feel it," Mom assured him. "I think you deserve a spanking and I'm happy to have the opportunity to give it to you." When Dad didn't answer she continued. "Here is what I propose. I will spank you, hard, as I have just spanked Charles. Then later, when you have stopped crying, we will have a good, long talk about what I expect from you in the future in terms of behavior. Do you still want to go ahead?" Dad, somewhat sheepishly, said he did. "Right. Bare your bottom and bend over my knee please!" Mom ordered.

What followed, Mom described as 'a good hiding' and, knowing Mom, I am in no doubt whatsoever that that is exactly what it was. Understandably perhaps, Mom didn't confide to me all the things they discussed subsequently, but I got the distinct impression that she did most of the talking, the result of which is that yet another wife has espoused the gospel of Aunt Kay, and yet another husband can look forward to receiving the benefits from a DWC lifestyle.

Mom is a quiet, shy, retiring person but she has proved to be second to none in matters of discipline. I am so very proud of her - and Dad.


Hi Aunt Kay,

I just came across your website a little while back and I must say that I find it wonderful! I have been married 21 years and spanking my husband comes naturally. Let me explain.

While growing up my mother did all of the spanking in our house and that included spanking my father. My mother thought it was necessary to blister my backside a few times but my brothers were on the receiving end much more often. She explained to me several times that boys needed serious discipline if they were going to be worth anything later. She never told me that she spanked my father but I know that she did because I could hear the spanking sessions through the furnace duct in my room on the second floor because she spanked him in the basement. She would also make comments to dad if she were mad at him that she "would take care of him later". When she said this, I knew dad was in for a spanking. I made sure that I would stay up that night to hear the proceedings. There were times when I heard the familiar whack of the paddle or strap on my dads behind followed by the pleading and apologizing. There were also times when I could hear my father begging for mercy but I could not hear what was causing him so much discomfort. One time I dared to go downstairs to listen to one of these sessions and when I got to the top of the basement stairs I could hear a whistling sound and a slight whack which was followed by my dads pleading for mercy. I did not know at the time what she was using but I found out later that it was a cane because she used it on my brothers when they got older. I would watch my dad with great interest the day after I knew he had gotten punished and noticed him sitting gently at the dinner table. He explained that he had a "bad back" but it sure did look like my brothers when they tried to sit after a spanking. Mom just smiled at his lame explanation.

So now I spank my husband like Mom used to spank dad. He needs a spanking several times a year and I do my handiwork in the basement of our house also. I use a paddle or a strap for general laziness and I always leave him bruised and sore for a few days. I save the cane for more serious infractions like the time he got a speeding ticket or if he treats me disrespectfully in front of friends. It never ceases to amaze me how a session with the cane improves his behavior. In general our yard is always immaculate and he has become a very good housekeeper and cook. My mother definitely knew what she was talking about!



Dear Kay:

I hope this meets with your satisfaction for the real people column...

I have read with interest occasional accounts of naughty husbands being disciplined in front of others, but until recently had never experienced such an event. Now I have!

My wife, in addition to being my disciplinarian, is a small business owner, and when things get really busy, she enlists me to help out (as often happens in family businesses). I usually get the most menial jobs, such as sweeping up the shop, filing, etc. However, I have a tendency to be a little bossy and to run my mouth, and have great difficulty keeping from putting in "my two cents."

My wife is in the process of selling her printing business to her longtime manager, and so they currently function like co-owners. They also have gotten to be friends during this time. On a recent Saturday, I was there at my wife's behest, with strict orders to do as told and to keep my commentary to myself. The shop was closed, but the three of us were there "catching up." I was filing job tickets, which are orders, many of which are repeat business. Of course the filing system is alphabetical, but I was having difficulty finding the correct files. Eventually I figured out why: some businesses and customers were filed under last name, and some under first name! Thus, Olympic Distributing might be under O, or might be under D! I found this quite ridiculous, and couldn't keep from making a rather obnoxious comment to the manager. I think what I said was, "Don't you know how to alphabetize?"

"Excuse me?" said the manager, a stately and quite powerful woman in her own right.

"Half of these are by the first name and half by the last," I said in quite a snotty tone. "How about a little consistency in this shop?"

I heard a sound, which was my wife slapping her desk in disdain. She rose from her place and strode toward us. I noticed that in her hand was a long metal ruler, which she uses often in her graphic arts work.

"You are NOT going to talk to my manager that way!" she said.

"I was just pointing out the foibles of your filing system," I replied.

"You were not just pointing out anything," she said. "You were being rude, and I will not have it."

She came closer and shook the ruler in my face. "If we were alone in the shop you'd be getting a taste of this," she said.

The manager, with quite a light in her eye, said, "Don't let me get in the way of marital discipline."

Now a similar glint came in to my wife's eye and she said to me. "You've offended my manager, so she deserves to be a witness."

She then marched me to the back of the shop, behind some stacks of paper where we were not visible from the street. The manager followed.

"Drop your trousers," she ordered, "but in the interests of decorum, you may leave up your briefs."

Relieved at that, but still blushing to the hilt, I undid my belt buckle and lowered my slacks. I was wearing red bikini briefs.

"I shall do my best to match that color," my wife announced.
She then bent my over the collating table. I must relate that the metal ruler used in printing is 18 inches long and has in it holes of various shapes, used to create circles, rectangles, etc. While she had threatened me
with it during previous shop visits, I had never been spanked with it. For those of you who have experienced the hardness and harshness of wood, and the sting of leather, let me tell you that metal combines the two: It has that smarting feel of leather while at the same time the deep imprint of wood. Within three smacks I was wiggling and calling out. Yet she kept on for a full twenty, by which time I was tearfully begging for mercy.

When she finally let me up, I grabbed my burning bottom and danced around for a moment, with no thought to how silly I must have looked with my trousers still down around my ankles. Finally regaining a modicum of composure, I found myself standing in front of two very entertained ladies.

I reached for my pants, but my wife said, "No, no. Before you get dressed, you shall apologize like the naughty little boy you are."

I mumbled something into the floor, but my wife reached out with the ruler and pushed my chin up.

"Look her right in the face and tell her why you got a spanking and that you're sorry," she ordered.

Making eye contact with the manager, I felt my facial cheeks turn as reds as those behind!

"I was wrong to criticize your filing system and I am truly sorry," I said to her. "I will behave myself at work in the future."

The manager nodded. My wife said, "I guess you will, or the next time it will be on the bare!"

I can tell you that since then I have worked at the shop with nary a word, and I do exactly as the manager tells me!



Hi Aunt Kay

Thought you may consider the following for Real People.

A year ago I sent off for the DWC manuals and one morning got the courage to introduce them to my wife and asked her to read them. She was amazed at the content and agreed that it may be a way for us to consider living. Virtually nothing changed immediately, life just went. I had read the husbands manual and began following Kay’s advice. Attitudes and respect for each other seemed to kind of strengthen and then one day after about six months we arrived home from a shopping trip and I heard the words "do you want a spanking now or later". This was a total surprise, we had lightly spanked each other during sex but more about that part later.

I of course said now and was sent upstairs with the instruction to remove my pants etc. Grabbing the bull by the horns I placed a chair in the center of the bedroom and bent myself over it quivering in anticipation. After a short while my wife proceeds into the bedroom and as per Kay’s manual begins to scold me for impatience while shopping etc and that she would now fulfill my wishes to be punished but only on her terms. At this point she got our small paddle out and began to vent her frustrations on my lower cheeks!!

Things then went quietly again for a few months, the topic came up in conversation and I continued to live by the advice in Kay’s manual. During one conversation I explained my inner most thoughts on the subject, my main thought was that spanking for punishment seemed to be clouding our sex life and should be separated from it both mentally and physically. Mentally I managed this and our love making became much more intense and intimate, my wife obviously noticed this and enjoyed it, she asked how I was doing without regular spankings and I explained my frustrations and underlined the kind of mental cleansing it seemed to give me when and if it happened.

This was the turning point, we have subsequently bought a cane and I am now spanked about once every two weeks or whenever she feels like it. That is the key Gentlemen, patience and realizing it is when SHE feels like it and above all do not complain about "miss hits" they are painful but she has to practice and you volunteered to be the target.

Spankings for us now are part of life and have helped bond a much closer and more intimate marriage. Today they take the following form ;

"Please remove your clothes right now here in front of me and then go upstairs and lay face down on the bed" I follow instruction to the letter and there I lay twitching in anticipation and worry. Finally she will come up the stairs and begin to tell me in no uncertain terms whys I am to be punished, she will then indicate approximate strokes. This morning it was 24 with the strap to be followed by 18 with the cane, "oh, and no warm up dear, this is going to hurt because it should"

With that she strolled over to the cupboard and removed the implements to be used, laying them on the bed in front of me. Raise your hips dear, let's bolster up the target area a bit with this pillow. By now I am a nervous wreck. "I do not want to hear a sound while I use the strap, when I use the cane you will count - understand ?" With that and before I could answer the first stroke with the strap landed flush with a resounding thwack. The next 23 were just as vicious and my rear end was on fire. Expecting the cane I was surprised when she went downstairs, this had never happened before. After a few minutes I dressed and followed to make sure she was OK, I found her in the kitchen smoking and making a coffee, when she saw me she went crazy " who the hell told you to get off the bed" I was then marched upstairs and put in position again. " What made you think I was finished I told you you were getting the cane and getting the cane you are, if I want a break I'll have one - you stay put and do not move in future !"

With that my caning began with me counting like the good boy I am, after 18 all went quiet - "right stand up and bend over the end of the bed I am giving you 6 more for using your initiative and getting up before instead of following instruction" Thinking the would never end and now already red raw I of course complied, what followed were the 6 severest strokes I have yet received the accuracy of which was stunning.

After it is over I make coffee, still nude so she can watch the welts develop, we hug, I thank her for her understanding and out bond is increased.

Anyway Kay that’s about it, it has been a long road and your kindness in answering my emails a year ago has been appreciated. We really are now a DWC couple!!

Hi Aunt Kay

I was just going thru your website for the millionth time and thought that I'd write and let you know that I still go to your site constantly.  I know almost every word by memory but its still VERY exciting.

I was hoping that eventually my wife would come around, but no such luck. 

I would like to say "THANK YOU" for your site.  It seems that you are getting quite a few new members and that is FANTASTIC.  Its really exciting to try to visualize that one of those couples could be my wife and I someday.

In your very, very busy life I know that it is probably hard for you to think about all of us "out here" that are reading your site, but for all of us that don't write often or not at all, I would like to say again;




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